Discover the Magic of Volans Rowing Boats: Rowing with Joy and Health!

Rowing isn’t just fun; it’s incredibly healthy too. Volans Rowing makes this exhilarating sport even more appealing and accessible with our sporty and innovative boats!

Volans Coastal – For Water Adventures

Step aboard the completely redesigned Volans Coastal and explore a world of adventure along the coast and at sea. Whether you want to play in the surf or embark on an exciting journey on lakes and rivers, Volans Coastal offers the perfect blend of stability, flexibility, and health. Our boats are lightweight, easy to transport on the roof of your car, and ready for use with just a few clicks. And let’s not forget – our sliding rigger provides extra stability on the water and is kind to your back.

Volans2 – Ultimate Workout on the Water

Do you want a super healthy workout on the water? The sporty Volans2 is ready for you! Light, compact and ideal for both beginners and advanced users. With Volans2 you can enjoy the freedom of the water while working on a healthy body. And yes, our boats are still equipped with that great sliding rigger for optimal stability.