The Volans Story

From Olympic Sailing to Innovative Rowing Boats

Behind Volans Rowing is Cees van Bladel, former Olympic sailor, and avid endurance athlete. His mission? To make rowing as accessible as running, cycling, or swimming outdoors. With the help of experts from DSM, VU Amsterdam, and students from TU Delft, Volans Rowing created an innovative, sporty rowing boat that hit the market in 2011 as Volans2. A few years later, the Volans Coastal was released, earning the title of Product of the Year at Hiswa. In 2023, we launched the completely revamped Volans Coastal.


The Volans2 came onto the market in 2011. In 2014 the Volans Kids followed, which received the National Sports Innovation Award, and two years later the Volans Coastal, which was named Product of the Year at the Hiswa. Volans then released a simpler model under the name Volans4All.


In 2023, the top models Volans2 and Volans Coastal will be ready in a completely new version. Built in the workshop of Prestol Composites in Riga, Latvia, a world-leading manufacturer of canoes, SUP boards and bobsleds that supplies many Olympic medalists with materials.