Rowing is fun, rowing is healthy

Volans Coastal

The Volans Coastal is designed for rowing along the coast and at sea, playing in the surf and adventurous trips on lakes and rivers. Like the other Volans boats, the Volans Coastal has an elegant, sleek design and features the sliding rigger. This provides extra stability, flexibility and better sailing characteristics. Especially when rowing on waves and through rough water, it is a great advantage that you remain seated in a fixed place in the boat, while the part with the oars moves up and down. The sliding rigger is also better for your back and leads to fewer injuries.

The boat is easy to handle, can be transported on the roof of a car and can be quickly prepared for use; row wherever and whenever you want. This makes the Volans Coastal the ideal rowing boat for both beginners and advanced rowers. For exciting play and fun in the surf or for sporty recreational rowing trips along the coast or on rivers and lakes.

Adventure rowing


Coastal rowing – also called open water rowing in North America – is the most adventurous form of rowing. You row straight through the surf out to sea and further along the coast. It is one of the fastest growing communities of rowers worldwide. Coastal rowing is particularly popular in France, Great Britain, Italy and New Zealand, but is now practiced in all corners of the world, for example in the Maldives and in parts of Africa.

Playing the surf


Volans introduces a new way to be active and have fun on the beach. With the Volans Coastal you can row directly from the beach and go into the surf, without a jetty or pontoon. Experience the thrilling and exciting moments of rowing through the rolling waves, among the surfers, kiters and paddlers.


27 kilograms

Sliding Rigger

6 kilograms


5,2 meters


60 centimeters

Price €4,950